wagamama launches new vegan menu

wagamama launches new vegan menu

wagamama has launched a new vegan menu featuring 29 plant-based dishes.

Executive chef Steve Mangleshot has created brand new choices and re-imagined dishes to cater to the growing vegan market, which has increased from 150,000 in 2006 to half a million today.

Dishes include kare burosu ramen, yasai samla curry, yasai steamed gyoza and itame rice noodle curry.

“When talking to vegan customers, what they want the most, is inclusion,” says wagamama customer director Emma Woods. “That is the same with our vegetarian fans.

“Our first ever dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu can be the starting point to support a vegan lifestyle choice. From its October launch, we will be listening to our fans to make sure we are constantly adapting and innovating to meet customer desires and a modern lifestyle.”