Smashburger launches alternative menu

Smashburger launches alternative menu

Smashburger has launched an alternative menu with 26 options to modify the burger brand’s core offer, in response to growing dietary needs and the environmental impact of beef farming.

Designed to be all-inclusive, the alternative menu includes vegan shakes, the Triple Double line-up and numerous Create Your Own options, as well as a new Alternative Burger made from all-natural, 100% plant-based proteins including mushrooms, kidney beans, chick peas, bulgur wheat and soya beans. It contains 92 calories and is described as having a rich umami flavour.

Smashburger UK managing director Tracy Gehlan has driven the launch of the new burger and menu options to cater to the growing market of people that don’t eat meat or animal products and to respond to the environmental impact of global beef production.

“Quite simply, the global demand for beef is unsustainable, but as the market innovates to follow changing tastes and behaviours, no-one until now has produced – entirely in the UK – a credible, tasty, healthy and quality alternative from simple, bespoke, all-natural food ingredients,” says Gehlan. “The market has seen limited and very standard vegetarian burgers on menus for several years now, but the key has been creating a product that has the ‘wow’ of the contemporary burger build and a taste experience that people love and can be eaten by literally anyone.”

“Other meat-free options are beginning to arrive on our shores from overseas – some hindered by GM food ingredients – but we believe it’s important that the UK market now delivers this new, exciting and sustainable category both properly and swiftly. We will still sell beef for the time being, but this is an important step forwards in a journey that the entire industry needs to take.”

The new menu is being rolled out at Smashburger in Brighton and Glasgow, with all UK stores to follow.