A third of Brits fail to honour restaurant bookings

A third of Brits fail to honour restaurant bookings

A third (33.7%) of UK diners have failed to turn up to a restaurant booking without informing the restaurant at some point in their life.

According to new research by OpenTable, young adults are the worst offenders, with 25% of 16 to 24-year-olds admitting to regularly failing to show up for a restaurant reservation.

London has the largest number of diners who admit to not honouring table bookings, followed by Manchester and Leeds, likely due to the vast restaurant selection.

Looking at the reasons for no-shows, the survey found that 38% said it was too last minute for them to cancel their booking, while almost 40% of women said they forgot to cancel and a sixth of men claimed they didn’t know how to cancel.

According to the survey, 4.4% of online bookings result in no-shows, compared to 4.6% made by phone.

In response to the survey, OpenTable has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the effect failing to turn up to a restaurant booking can have on the business.

“We can all be more aware of the impact that no-shows and late cancellations can have on a restaurant,” comments Adrian Valeriano, EMEA vice president of OpenTable. “We have launched this campaign to help build awareness amongst diners of the issue and showcase how we continue to leverage our technology and diner network in ways that only OpenTable can to help reduce no-show rates and mitigate the impact of late cancellations.”