M Raw Victoria goes vegetarian and gluten-free

M Raw Victoria goes vegetarian and gluten-free

Raw, the sister restaurant to M Grill and located within the M Victoria site, launches a completely vegetarian and gluten-free menu today (7 June).

The menu has been designed to give guests a light and fresh alternative to the richer, steak-heavy a la carte and wagyu tasting menus served in the main restaurant space.

The menu is also largely vegan, with calorific counts, dietary tags and nutritional content included.

Dishes include tofu tartare with plum puree, daikon and sriracha; smoked aubergine with a miso glaze and dashi; and buckwheat risotto with cauliflower, king mushrooms and summer truffle.

Speaking of the new menu, M Restaurants executive chef Oleg Ibragimov says: “When developing the menu, I aimed to get as close as possible to the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins in each dish.

“I’ve also used only seasonal produce as it guarantees we are using the most naturally nutritious food available at the time. Whilst the dishes are packed full of flavour, I’ve tried to reduce the amount of process involved to allow the organic flavour of the ingredients to really shine. Saying that, I have introduced a few fermented ingredients to not only add zing and interest to the plate, but also improve gut health.”